Goa Wedding Photographers

If you are planning to get married in Goa and looking for a wedding photographer you should take a look at our service. Holden and Jones are leading destination wedding photographers in the UK. We really, really love to travel and to shoot destination weddings, particularly in Goa. Choose Holden & Jones to photograph your wedding in Goa and you are guaranteeing the quality of the photographs from your most important day.

We fly in two days before a wedding and fly out the day after. Based on costs at the time of writing, for us both to come to Goa with flights from the UK, 2 modest hotel rooms for 3 nights, expenses (car hire, food, etc) and camera insurance it would cost approximately £3800 ($6000) to book one of UK’s leading wedding photographers to shoot and preserve your special celebration in Goa. If you are having a wedding over several days we charge £900 per additional day in which we work.

In return we will give you the very best wedding photography available, with all of your images supplied as high resolution files on a presentation USB.

Why take a chance on a local wedding photographer in Goa when you can guarantee the quality of your wedding photography at such a good price.

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