Wedding cakes always provide a focal point during the wedding day. More guests end up with pictures of the cake then pictures of the bride and groom. Below are 5 cakes, different in their own right that really did have their own moment of fame at a wedding.

Upon reflection one thing that struck us in hindsight was how fitting the cakes were to each couple and the venue.

First up is this Banksy inspired cake. We have had images of this cake requested by many national magazines and it is fair to say we haven’t seen one quite like it before or since. The cake appeared at a wedding we shot in Oxfordshire over 3 days. It was at a crazy venue called Aynhoe. Google it and you will see what we mean.


This cake was actually made by a guest. If i recall correctly the lady who made it may have been a CSI in the police. The wedding was at Wynyard Hall in the North East of England.


At 3 is a cheese cake. A tower of cheeses. This beautiful “cake” was seen at Brinkburn Priory in deepest, darkest Northumberland.


This pork pie cake couldn’t have been more fitting to the venue and couple. I have to also admit to sneaking a slice at the evening buffet before we left and made our way home. Yorkshire through and through.


Lastly we have included this chocolate cake form a wedding 2 or 3 years ago, Again at Wynyard Hall. I have included this cake, not just for the sheer size of it but because of the smell. It made the whole wing of the hall smell like Willy Wonkas chocolate factory.