bride and church doorway at a north yorkshire wedding

There are very few wedding photography duos operating in the UK. We find this strange given the vital additional coverage that this can bring and the sheer number of intimate moments that must go un photographed.

The image below is one of the finest examples of what Holden & Jones can capture at your wedding compared to other photographers working alone. A single photographer would have to be at the front of the church, totally unaware of what events are playing out at the back.

What i particularly like about the image is the obvious candour and resonance in the moment shared by father and daughter. The bridesmaids have left them for the aisle walk and these are the last important seconds they have together before she becomes a wife.

It is technically not the easiest image to shoot and only comes through experience, knowledge and control of the camera and the moment in time that can never be repeated but that is preserved for ever.