This was our first visit to Middleton Hall near Belford in Northumberland. There was some trepidation in the planning of the day because Rob was on standby with the imminent arrival of his third child. However in the end, Stanley arrived 3 days before and all the emergency plans were not required.

Middleton Hall is a very exclusive country estate about an hours drive north of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is frankly a stunning wedding venue and somewhere that you can make your own. This is certainly what Karen & Ryan from Leeds set about doing and they pulled it off in some style.

The weather was typical of Northumberland and we had a mixture of torrential rain, mist and blazing sunshine in a very short space of time. This didn’t really pose too many problems in the end as all the guests enjoyed the grounds of Middleton Hall and the hot August sun even if it was a little wet under foot.

Other than beautiful ceremony in front of  tightly packed horse shoe of friends and family the highlight of the day came in the evening. There was one of the best Elvis impersonators around but he was definitely out done by the Brides father who serenaded the whole of the wedding with a great solo performance from the top of the stairs in the main hall.

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