Nick and Jenny started their Wynyard Hall wedding in Nunthorpe near Middlesbrough before traveling the relatively short distance to Wynyard Hall Hotel. Wynyard is local to us and really suits our style of work, consequently we work there fairly often.

Its a venue that never fails to deliver.

Each couple is different and they put there own slant on each wedding which keeps it interesting.

The weather wasn’t too great but it held off at the right times. At Holden & Jones we specialise in shooting relaxed portraits of the couples very quickly. This reduces the hassle factor as we regularly hear horror stories of photographers taking upto an hour or more to shoot portraits. With the rain on its way we managed to work with Nick and Jenny in a little over 15 minutes without any rush or any pressure.

The key is to be confident in your own ability, know clearly what you want to achieve, understand what the couple are looking for and prepare properly to work with them.

By all accounts the food was excellent and the guests had a great time throughout the day. Victoria ran things excellently as master of ceremonies.

Evening entertainment was provided by The Ultimate Wedding DJ and Jason Isaacs who are both excellent.