Middleton Lodge is quite simply a special wedding venue and a wedding photographers dream. It is a private, Georgian country house set in rural North Yorkshire. Whilst it’s true that wedding photographers in North Yorkshire are spoiled by the variety and quality of wedding venues in Yorkshire, this venue still has the ability to stand above the competition. Middleton Lodge Wedding Photographers are a lucky bunch as a result.

On the face of it there are similarities with other venues but it’s only when you get to know Middleton Lodge better and scratch the surface that you get to see what makes it unique and so special.

Being a private house undoubtedly helps. Unlike at a hotel the place really is yours for the duration of the booking. There is definitely a relaxed feeling about the house. It isn’t stuffy – it’s fun and homely while maintaining enough grandeur to know you are in a place with plenty of history.

middleton lodge wedding photographers

The owners should be applauded for their recent refurbishment work. The bar area now has total wow factor and for purely selfish reasons both Holden and Jones are rather pleased with the snooker room. Don’t tell anyone but while the guests enjoy their wedding breakfast we can ably demonstrate how bad at snooker we are while scoffing our sandwiches.

It may not always be apparent to guests but we are constantly communicating with the venue to ensure things move in a timely fashion for the wedding couple. The staff at Middleton Lodge, namely Anna and Glen assist us as wedding photographers no end. I think its fair to say you wont get a more dedicated duo at any other venue.

We can genuinely say that the staff at Middleton Lodge are as good as at any venue we have ever worked. They have a great blend of a professional approach with a relaxed manor about them. This runs right they way through the team to kitchen, bar and waiting staff.

So what is it like to work as a wedding photographer at Middleton Lodge? Well….we love it!! If you hadn’t already guessed.

I think the reason we like photographing weddings at Middleton Lodge is down to the sort of people who book it as venue and the sort of wedding occasion that they are looking to create for their guests.

We have photographed civil ceremonies with the hall absolutely packed to the rafters and we have also shot weddings in the quaint local church at the far end of Middleton Tyas.

One thing remains consistent, and that’s the quality of the light available is great and the fun that the wedding guests have is right up there with the best weddings we have covered. This is a combination that allows us to work to our peak right the way through the day.

If you have booked Middleton Lodge as your wedding venue and you are now looking for a wedding photographer then please do feel free to get in touch and let us know hat you are looking for.

If there is a perfect fit between what we offer and what you are looking for in a Middleton Lodge Wedding Photographer then it sounds like you should probably get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment.