Rockcliffe Hall near Darlington is without doubt the North East’s best all round hotel. It has 5 stars for a very good reason, it’s well ran and is certainly a premium wedding venue. Working as a wedding photographer at Rockliffe Hall is always something we look forward to.

The rooms are large and spacious with lots of light coming in through huge windows. This makes it great for bridal preparation shots at Rockliffe Hall. Wedding Photographers are always on the look out for quality of light and these rooms have it in abundance

Many couples choose to get married at Rockliffe Hall having a civil ceremony in the modern, main function room or in the licensed part of the Old Hall. Both are wonderful spaces but obviously individual tastes and guest numbers can sometimes dictate which is chosen.

bride and groom at Rockliffe Hall wedding

Now that the venue has been doing weddings for a while (about 5 years at the time of writing) we are seeing a trend towards off site ceremonies, returning to Rockcliffe Hall for the wedding breakfast and reception.

The food served here has always been first class and at one wedding the couple had obviously chosen a premium option and its fair to say we were blown away by the quality of the evening buffet (and we have sampled many in our time).

Throughout the day everything always runs smoothly with all staff being extremely well trained and attentive. Many couples also choose to have the in house master of ceremonies involved and it’s fair to say he is a character.

Rockcliffe Hall Wedding Photographers – Important things to consider when choosing one

So what about portrait opportunities? Rockcliffe Hall wedding photographers don’t have it easy all day long. Read on to find out why.  If there is one thing that Rockcliffe Hall doesn’t have in abundance over some of the other venues it’s locations for the all important Bride and Groom photographs. In reality, indoors there are plenty of options. However in order to make the most of available light it’s often a requirement to get outside. This is where choosing a wedding photographer, particularly for somewhere like Rockcliffe Hall becomes an crucial decision.


Outside and around the building it is not ideal and choices are limited. However we know the venue extremely well and have developed our process over the years to get the very best of every situation. In the main this comes down to making the couple feel comfortable. Without wanting to sound arrogant this is where we are glad we have the level of ability we do. It enables us to take these images in a short amount of time, usually around 15 minutes.

Taking portrait shots in a timely manner stops everyone getting bored with the process and allows you more time with your wedding guests.

Ask your potential photographer how long they will take and if they say more than 20-30 mins you really need to start questioning why. Do they have to shoot a mega load of images and hope a few are ok? Do they lack confidence or ability to get the images right first time? Find out and avoid spending your wedding day trudging round after a photographer who is wasting your time.

For more Rockliffe Hall Wedding Images please have a look through our blog.

All the above said here are our ratings out of 10 for what we have seen of Rockcliffe Hall at the weddings we have photographed there.

 Weddings at Rockliffe Hall – A Wedding Photographers Ratings

Bedrooms – 10

Staff and Service – 10

Food & Drink – 9

Civil Ceremony Rooms – 8

Guest parking and Toilets – 10

Atmosphere and Ambience – 8

Out Door Photographic Locations – 7

Indoor Photographic Locations – 10

Overall Rockcliffe Hall deserves its place somewhere very close to the top of the tree of all North East wedding venues.

Rockliffe Hall Wedding Prices and Packages

So what does it cost to get married at Rockliffe Hall? Well it isnt the cheapest wedding venue in the North East but it certainly represents value and will buy you peace of mind as well as absolute, guaranteed quality.

Rockliffe Wedding Prices come in 3 main categories based upon a spend per head.

  • The Speilman from £115 pp
  • The Pilmore from £125 pp
  • The Waterhouse from £135 pp

The wedding price you end up choosing to pay will come down to your attitude towards wine grades essentially combined with budget  availability.

It is our understanding that the packages are available for a minimum of 60 guests which puts the pricing in line with most other top end venues locally such as Wynyard Hall, Middleton Lodge and venues slightly further afield such as Rudding Park.

More information is available on the Rockliffe Hall website but with every venue it would be our suggestion that you go and have a look around and ask plenty of questions to make sure you get exactly what you want.