Holden & Jones are pioneers as Wynyard Hall Wedding Photographers. We have been working at Wynyard since long before it opened as a major wedding venue.

We photographed nearly all the images for the Wynyard Hall wedding brochure, the Wynyard Hall magazines and most of the images for the website too. It’s fair to say we know the venue well and when Sir John Hall the owner of Wynyard Hall wrote a book about the history of the house it was one of our images that he selected for the front cover of the book..

Not surprising then that we have long been the photographers of choice for many couples who have got married there over the last 4 or 5 years. The weddings we have photographed at Wynyard have often been published in national bridal titles and are always in demand from the wedding blogging community.

When you are choosing a photographer for your wedding at Wynyard Hall you need to consider many factors. Not least is can your photographer deliver the wow factor that the venue demands and if wedding photography matters to you then Holden & Jones are the natural choice as wedding photographers to document your wedding day at Wynyard Hall Hotel.

Quite simply when i booked Wynyard Hall for my wedding i asked the wedding co-ordinator there who i should look at for my wedding photography and even though Holden & Jones do not pay to go on the list of promoted photographers that’s who they quietly suggested to me and i couldn’t be happier with my choice. LW – Bride

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We are have covered many amazing weddings at Wynyard Hall and preserved memories for generations to come. Principally we work for couples that prefer not to take a chance on their wedding photographer and understand the importance of great wedding photography and take our role seriously.

In the first instance we suggest you come and pay us a visit, we have several sample wedding albums of previous weddings we have covered at Wynyard and we can talk you through how your wedding day might unfold. Having seen so many different weddings at Wynyard Hall we can also give you plenty of suggestions to assist with planning. What works and what doesn’t work, how to manage guests during room change around, which DJ’s are good, which bands are great and not forgetting florists, hairdressers and make up too?

Our offices are in Stokesley,  15 minutes or so from the Wynyard Hall so come and visit us and view our wedding portfolio. It will also show you what is really like to get married there when you take a look at a complete wedding from previous couples who tied the knot in the Chapel, the Mirror & Ball Room.

Wynyard Hall is a very grand building but as many couples find out to their peril afterwards it is notoriously tricky to photograph in. Below are a few examples of what can be achieved and what pitfalls you should look out for.

Photofilm Of A Complete Wedding at Wynyard Hall

We are the only wedding photographers in the North of England who offer these tremendously emotional photo stories. They add a whole new dimension to your wedding photography package and many couples are discovering that they prefer them to having a wedding videographer which typically saves them £1500 over booking a videographer. Take a look at the film below. In a few short minutes you will understand what these powerful wedding photography films can do for the recipients. This story involves the father of the bride making an emotional reading.

Reflected Available Light At Wynyard Hall

The above image shows how we dealt with the difficult lighting during speeches in the ballroom. We always elect to use available light and avoid flash wherever possible. It was very bright outside and the contrast in the room was heavy so we used the reflected light from the grooms speech papers to light his face with great effect. Without the reflected light all you would see is a silhouette.

Wynyard Hall Weddings - Wedding Speech in Ball Room at Wynyard Hall

Last Moment Tensions In Wynyard Hall’s Mirror Room

This shot receives so many comments and really does sum up the atmosphere at the front of a wedding service just before the groom and bride set eyes upon each other. You can really feel the tension in the Mirror Room at Wynyard as the groom squeezes his fingers and wonders what his bride will be wearing.

Wynyard Hall Weddings - Wedding ceremony in mirror room, wynyard hall

Incredible Acoustics In The Chapel At Wynyard Hall

For weddings at Wynyard Hall couples book many different acts, bands, or activities to entertain their guests. So far the London Gospel Choir in the chapel takes some beating as all those there will testify too. Because people feel comfortable with us at weddings it allows us to get very close to the action without intruding on the day.

Wynyard Hall Weddings - london gospel choir in wynyard hall chapel

 Here are 4 more weddings that we have shot at Wynyard Hall 1, 2, 3, 4