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About Holden & Jones Interiors

Brian's design roots run deep: As a young man he immersed himself in people who were considered pioneers in the design scene, starting his own design company seemed like a natural evolution and for 20 years he has been at the forefront of the design scene. Holden and Jones is his vision for home furnishing and interior design freedom for home owners to be able to enjoy the sort of quality furnishings normally only found in boutique hotels and high end domestic homes. When Brian suggested the possibility of opening an online interiors store to long time colleague Robert Jones he jumped at it and Holden & Jones was born.

Holden and Jones offer a curation of the best and latest in interior design, made accessible,  keeping you up to date on cutting edge trends in the industry. We seek to make your dream room a reality.

Our dedicated team of buyers stay far ahead of trends and right on top of what's happening to bring you the best and latest in furniture, home accessories, and furnishings.